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Why ScribeRunner?

Say goodbye to the tedious task of sifting through voluminous medical records. Embrace a future where critical patient information is not only succinctly summarized but also readily accessible at your fingertips.

Improved Physician Focus

With a scribe delegated to handle documentation, physicians can focus more on the patient during consultation. This increased attention leads to a more thorough examination, better patient-physician communication, and more accurate diagnoses.

Enhanced Efficiency

Scribes improve medical practice efficiency, enabling physicians to see more patients within the same timeframe. This can be particularly beneficial in high-volume settings like outpatient clinics, private practices, and specialty care centers, where timely care is crucial.

Reduced Physician Burnout

Scribes alleviate the administrative load, directly reducing physician burnout. This burnout, which correlates with decreased quality of care and increase in medical errors, is significantly lessened by their assistance.

Better Compliance and Documentation

Scribes help ensure medical records are complete, accurate, and compliant with legal standards, crucial for patient care in complex cases requiring multi-disciplinary involvement.

Streamlined Legal Processes

Facilitate faster case resolution with thorough and precise medical record reviews that enhance the efficacy of legal proceedings.

Enhanced Case Insights

Gain deeper insights into medical histories with expertly summarized records, ensuring detailed understanding and robust case preparation.

About ScribeRunner

ScribeRunner offers a robust, HIPAA-compliant solution, that streamlines healthcare documentation processes. ScribeRunner employs AI-powered tools that automate this vital yet time-consuming task, allowing physicians and legal professionals to optimize their workdays and concentrate on delivering exceptional care. Efficiency gains extend beyond traditional settings, freeing healthcare and legal professionals from after-hours charting and boosting work-life balance. Additionally, our solution ensures timely, accurate documentation, facilitating quicker billing and accelerating revenue cycles. Our commitment to efficiency and accuracy is supported by a team of healthcare professionals, including virtual documentation specialists and medical assistants, all dedicated to improving patient outcomes and anchoring attention where it’s most needed—on the patient.

Alongside our established services, we also provide specialized Legal Documentation Services tailored for personal injury lawyers and other legal professionals. Our Legal Documentation Specialists utilize AI to ensure that legal experts have access to meticulously reviewed and organized medical records, supporting precise legal decision-making and seamlessly integrating healthcare knowledge with legal needs.

Problems that Physicians Face Today:

EHR Navigation
Reviewing Data
After-Hours Work
Administrative Burden
Delayed Reimbursement
Impact on Patient Care
Increasing Cost for Support Staff
Turnover and Dependability of Staff
Burnout and Work-Life Balance
Patient Data Security and Privacy

EHR Management Simplified:

Physicians spend a significant portion of their time on Electronic Health Records (EHRs) management. This can encompass a variety of tasks including inputting and analyzing different data types (such as imaging results and lab findings), documenting patient encounters thoroughly, capturing discussions and physical examination findings, and managing extensive administrative duties. It means everything from medical necessity letters and notes for work or school to disability forms and insurance denial responses become the responsibility of a doctor. We know that the time commitment can vary significantly across specialties, case complexity, and EHR systems, but imagine these tasks being efficiently handled for you, needing just your review and approval. That would drastically streamline your workflow, allowing more focus on direct patient care.

Benefits of ScribeRunner for Healthcare Professionals:

Trained on Various EHRs
Effortless Documentation Completion
Prevent Payment Delays
Complete Administrative Task Handling
Enhanced Work/Life Balance
Reduce Medical Errors
Improved Patient Outcomes
Dramatically Lower Costs than Traditional Staffing
24/7 Reliable Service Coverage
HIPAA Compliant and Secure Data Encryption
Exceptionally Qualified Healthcare Professionals

Problems that Legal Professionals Face:

Time-Consuming Medical Record Retrieval
Complex Medical History Summarization
Deadline-Driven Case Document Management
Privacy and Compliance Challenges
High Costs Associated with Record Review Processes
Dependence on Fragmented Information Sources

Legal Documentation Services Simplified:

Our team of Legal Documentation Specialists leverages AI-powered tools to bring unparalleled precision and expertise to the management of medical documentation for legal purposes. These specialists streamline the process by organizing, summarizing, and analyzing extensive medical histories, freeing legal professionals to focus more on case strategy and client advocacy. Their integration of advanced technology ensures faster data processing and more accurate insights, enhancing case preparation efficiency, reducing operational costs, and achieving more reliable outcomes.

Additional Services Available:

Dictation and Transcription Services
Eligibility and Verification Checks
Commercial Insurance Prior Authorization
Workers’ Compensation Prior Authorization
Patient Census Preparation
Medical Chart Review and History Summarization
Injury Case Narrative Summaries/Reports
Secure Two-Way Live Communication via Mobile App

What We Offer


Virtual Medical Assistants

Virtual Documentation Specialists

Legal Documentation Services

Eligibility/Verification Support, Prior Authorization Support

ScribeRunner Technology

At ScribeRunner, we integrate advanced AI tools to enhance the efficiency and security of healthcare and legal documentation services. Our technology automates and optimizes a wide range of tasks, from basic data entry and document management to complex legal and medical record review, ensuring accuracy, speed, and compliance with the latest standards.

Our AI-driven solutions adapt and learn, continuously improving in precision and effectiveness, which enhances productivity and supports our skilled professionals, including legal documentation Specialists and virtual documentation experts, in providing top-quality service.

ScribeRunner is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. We incorporate robust encryption and data protection strategies to safeguard patient and client data against unauthorized access and breaches, ensuring all interactions and documentations adhere to stringent privacy standards.

By leveraging these technologies, ScribeRunner sets new standards in virtual healthcare and legal services, enabling professionals in both fields to concentrate more on their primary responsibilities—patient care and legal advocacy—while we handle the complexities of documentation and data management. Our goal is to empower our clients by transforming their operational efficiency, security, and readiness for the future.

Precision in Practice,
Excellence in Documentation

How We Work with You


Book an Appointment for an Introduction

Begin by scheduling an initial consultation to explore how we can enhance your practice or firm. You can book this appointment by visiting our website and selecting ‘Book a Consultation’, or by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ icon located at the top right of your screen. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of documentation and administrative support, helping you to focus more on delivering exceptional care and legal services.


Initial Consultation

At an initial consultation we’ll get acquainted with the specific needs and requirements of your practice or firm.


Access and Security Setup

  • For healthcare professionals: Secure and authorized access to your EHR system.
  • For legal professionals: Secure and authorized access to relevant legal documentation systems.
  • For legal professionals: Secure and authorized access to relevant legal documentation systems.


Training and Onboarding

  • ScribeRunner conducts comprehensive training sessions for our team, familiarizing them with your specific systems, protocols, and documentation standards, whether in healthcare or legal contexts.
  • Training will be customized to align with your workflows and preferences.


Communication Protocols

  • We establish clear communication channels between your team and our service professionals.
  • And we define protocols for sharing real-time updates, clarifications, and additional information during engagements.


Secured Collaboration

  • ScribeRunner implements a secure and efficient method for sharing sensitive information, using encrypted drives or secure cloud services.
  • We develop a structured system for organized storage and retrieval of documents, ensuring secure access for all authorized parties.


Quality Assurance

  • We implement a robust quality assurance process to review and verify the quality of services provided.
  • This includes regular assessments and refined workflows based on your feedback to ensure the highest standards.


Ongoing Support

  • ScribeRunner provides ongoing support to address any issues, updates, or additional training needs.
  • We foster open communication to continuously optimize integration and address any evolving requirements.
By adhering to this structured approach, ScribeRunner seamlessly integrates with your practice or firm, boosting efficiency and accuracy in patient care. Our commitment is to be your steadfast partner, expertly navigating the complexities of medical documentation and administrative support.


I cannot express how impressed I am with ScribeRunner and their unique approach to medical scribing. Having MD physicians as scribes has elevated the quality of our documentation and overall workflow in the hospital. The level of expertise and understanding they bring to the table is unmatched. ScribeRunner has truly revolutionized our medical scribing experience, and we are grateful for their exceptional service.

As a practicing physician, I have always valued accurate and comprehensive medical documentation. ScribeRunner has exceeded my expectations by providing MD physicians as scribes. Their team understands the intricacies of medical language and ensures that every detail is captured meticulously. This has not only improved the efficiency of our practice but has also enhanced patient care. I highly recommend ScribeRunner to any healthcare professional looking for a reliable and knowledgeable medical scribing solution.

ScribeRunner has been a game-changer for our healthcare facility. The use of MD physicians as scribes has not only improved the accuracy of our medical records but has also allowed our doctors to focus more on patient care. The seamless integration of ScribeRunner into our workflow has resulted in increased productivity and reduced administrative burden. I am truly grateful for the expertise and professionalism they bring to the table.

Having experienced various medical scribe services, ScribeRunner stands out as a beacon of excellence. The inclusion of MD physicians as scribes has significantly improved the quality of our clinical documentation. Their team not only understands the medical jargon but also anticipates the needs of our physicians, making the entire process smooth and efficient. ScribeRunner has become an invaluable partner in our quest for exceptional patient care.
ScribeRunner has redefined what medical scribing means for our practice. The use of MD physicians as scribes brings a level of expertise and understanding that is unparalleled. Our physicians appreciate the collaboration and the depth of medical knowledge that ScribeRunner provides. The accuracy and efficiency in our documentation have seen a remarkable improvement since partnering with them. I wholeheartedly recommend ScribeRunner to any healthcare professional seeking top-notch medical scribing services.

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