ScribeRunner provides a robust, HIPAA-compliant platform designed to streamline the documentation process not only for healthcare providers but also for legal professionals managing medical records. By automating crucial yet time-consuming tasks, our solution empowers professionals to optimize their workflows, enabling them to focus more on their primary responsibilities—whether that’s providing exceptional patient care or managing legal aspects of medical documentation. The efficiency gains extend beyond the typical clinical or office settings, liberating professionals from extensive after-hours work and enhancing work-life balance. Timely and accurate documentation not only facilitates prompt billing but also accelerates revenue cycles for medical practices and legal firms. Most importantly, our comprehensive suite of services supports enhanced outcomes across all professional interactions, ensuring high standards of efficiency and accuracy are met consistently.

How Virtual Assistance Improves Outcomes

Whether in healthcare or legal settings, virtual assistants play a pivotal role. For healthcare, they ensure physicians can concentrate on patient care without the burden of paperwork. In the legal field, they allow for meticulous record handling which is crucial for case preparation and resolution.

Virtual Medical Assistants

A Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) is a skilled healthcare professional who operates remotely to support medical practices by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in office management. VMAs are responsible for a variety of tasks that help improve overall practice operations and patient care. These tasks include appointment scheduling, patient intake, telehealth support, medication management, clinical documentation, patient education, data analysis, and workflow optimization. Their expertise not only streamlines administrative processes but also contributes to better health outcomes, allowing medical providers to focus more on patient care.

Physical Medicine and Rehab

Family Medicine

Sports Medicine

Internal Medicine

Virtual Documentation Specialist

ScribeRunner’s Virtual Documentation Specialist (VDS) service is designed to enhance documentation workflows for healthcare providers in Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Pain Management, and Primary Care. Employing highly qualified healthcare professionals with expertise comparable to medical doctors, our VDS ensures precise and efficient documentation. Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, it supports practitioners across specialties, significantly improving documentation accuracy and operational efficiency.

Internal Medicine

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Pain Management, and Primary Care.

Legal Documentation Services

ScribeRunner’s Legal Documentation Services, performed by skilled Legal Documentation Specialists, integrate advanced AI technology to provide legal professionals with precise and efficient medical record management solutions. Tailored specifically for personal injury lawyers and other legal entities, our service enhances the review, organization, and summarization of complex medical data, essential for robust legal case preparation. Our AI tools ensure accuracy and speed, enabling legal professionals to focus on their core activities and achieve better outcomes in their legal proceedings.

Eligibility, Benefits Verification, and Prior Authorization Services

Eligibility, Benefits Verification, and Prior Authorization Services service Assistant is a valuable tool that can significantly enhance the financial efficiency and overall success of your medical office. Here’s a comprehensive description of how such an assistant can contribute to the success of your E/V and Auth service.

Insurance Verification

The assistant verifies patient insurance information in real-time, minimizing the risk of claim rejections due to inaccuracies. By ensuring that patient coverage is valid and up-to-date, it contributes to a smoother reimbursement process.


E/V and Auth service Assistant automates the claims processing workflow. It ensures that claims are accurately generated, checked for errors, and submitted promptly. This reduces the likelihood of claim denials and accelerates the reimbursement process.

Radiology/Imaging Centers




Pain Management




Internal Medicine

Family Medicine

Primary Care