Virtual Documentation Specialist Pricing


*Pricing is per month.

Virtual Documentation Specialist Services for Diverse Medical Specialties

ScribeRunner’s Virtual Documentation Specialist service offers a transformative solution tailored for multiple medical specialties, including Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and many others. Our service employs highly qualified healthcare professionals, who bring extensive medical knowledge to the documentation process. This innovative approach ensures precise, efficient documentation and integrates seamlessly with various healthcare workflows, significantly enhancing both operational efficiency and patient care quality.


Medical Expertise

Offline Documentation for Improved Preparedness

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Customized Documentation

Regulatory Compliance

Improved Accuracy and Quality

Time and Cost Savings

Seamless Integration with EHR Systems

Available Add Ons:

Insurance Eligibility Verification:

Insurance eligibility verification is a crucial step in the healthcare administration process, ensuring that patients’ insurance coverage is accurately assessed before receiving medical services. This comprehensive procedure involves confirming a patient’s insurance details, such as policy status, coverage limits, and deductible information, to ascertain the extent of financial responsibility for both the patient and the healthcare provider. By conducting insurance eligibility verification, healthcare facilities can minimize billing errors, enhance revenue cycle management, and streamline the overall billing process. This proactive approach not only prevents surprises for patients regarding out-of-pocket costs but also aids in optimizing the reimbursement process for healthcare providers, fostering a more transparent and financially sound healthcare ecosystem.