Virtual Medical Assistant Pricing


*Pricing is per month.

Virtual Medical Assistants

Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) are highly skilled professionals who provide remote support to healthcare practices. By handling a variety of administrative and clinical tasks, VMAs enhance operational efficiency and improve patient care. This section outlines the key benefits and functionalities that VMAs offer to medical offices.


Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Patient Intake and Registration

Billing and Insurance Processing

Telehealth Support

Medication Management

Clinical Documentation

Patient Education and Engagement

Data Analysis and Reporting

Workflow Optimization

Compliance Assistance

Available Add-Ons for VMAs:

Comprehensive Eligibility and Benefits Verification:

Eligibility and benefits verification are vital components in the healthcare administration process, ensuring accurate assessment of patients’ insurance coverage before medical services are rendered. This crucial step confirms details like policy status, coverage limits, benefit eligibility, and deductible information. Such verification minimizes billing errors, boosts revenue cycle efficiency, and streamlines billing procedures, reducing surprises related to out-of-pocket costs and optimizing the reimbursement process.

Prior Authorization Services:

Prior authorization ensures that certain medical services and medications receive insurance approval before treatment begins, which helps prevent delays and denials in coverage. This service is essential for managing cost control and patient care by confirming coverage details in advance, thereby enhancing transparency and financial stability in healthcare interactions.